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Wall Plates & Inserts

Wall Plates & Inserts

Wall Plates & Inserts

The best outlet is the one that goes unnoticed while offering plenty of ports. This is why we offer a full selection of wall plates from 1 to 6 ports in white, ivory, and almond.

Whether you wish to reduce visible cables by installing a series of 1 port wall plates along a wall or whether you wish to reduce the number of holes you have to cut into drywall by fitting 6 ports in one plate, we have the wall plate for you.

No wall plate is secure without a proper fitting drywall bracket. This is why we carry both single and double gang drywall mounting plates.

As our brackets are UL listed, you can be rest assured that the screw holes will be uniformly aligned, making installation hassle-free. Of course, each bracket comes with the screws necessary for installation.

Specialty Wall Plates

For professional looking custom installations, specialty wall plates are essential. As such, in addition to our line of Keystone wall plates, we offer CAT3, VGA, and HDMI wall plates.

Key Features:

  • Our CAT3 wall plates are available for RJ11, RJ12, and F81 Connectors,
  • Our VGA wall plates are single gang, decora style, and feature a 15 pin VGA connector.
  • Our 1 port HDMI wall plates feature a space saving right angled connector.
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