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Primus Cable - Fiber Optic Patch Panels

Fiber Patch Panel

A fiber optic network is a complicated and systematic machine that requires a methodical approach in order to reserve functionality; the Fiber Patch Panel serves as a device employed to maintain a centralized means of organization, peak performance standards, while securing your network at the same time. In essence, the Fiber Patch Panel is a cable manager; through utilizing the panel, cables should retain the proper bend radius and be easily identifiable, which will facilitate use and simplify future maintenance procedures.

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A Closer Look | Fiber Patch Panels We Recommend

The Fiber Patch and Splice Panel, Swing-Out offers opportune access; this Fiber Patch Panel fits into one rackmount unit space and installs in standard sized 19” and 23” server racks. Moreover, this panel has the option of being fully loaded with terminated pigtails and custom made to specifications with an individualized logo for OEM applications.

The Fiber Patch and Splice Panel, High Density delivers an additional way of maximizing the given space within particular networking sites. This two-rackmount Fiber Patch Panel has the capacity to store 6 fiber adapter panels with the ability to accommodate 144 fiber optic connections from one compact device. A convenient split top design enables easy access to this Fiber Patch Panel for termination and has a locking master panel with a durable powder coat finish amounting to a superior product.

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