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Primus Cable - Bundled Cable

Bundled Cable

Bundled Ethernet, CCTV Coax, Fiber Cables

Don’t pay to run multiple cable pulls for your voice, video, data, and security networking projects. Bundled cable can yield significant savings as a single run can be broken down into its multi-conductor components to wire: access controls, CCTV cameras, audio, and data applications all at once.

The Bundled Cable, CCTV Over IP, CAT5E has 24 AWG solid copper conductors organized into four color coded striped pairs for easy identification. This bundled cable is ideal for some security cameras that utilize Ethernet cable, as one single run of cable provides both data and power. The bundled cable is marked in descending order so you always know how much is remaining. It is sold by the spool of 1,000 feet.

For larger networking projects, Primus Cable offers the Bundled Cable, 2x RG6U Quad Shield, 2x CAT6 600MHz. This includes two CAT6 Ethernet cables for high speed data networking plus two quad shielded RG6 coax cables for HD video. This bundled cable is supplied on a spool of 500 feet with a blue PVC jacket. This bundled cable has sequential footage markings on the jacket so you always know how much is remaining. The CAT6 cable has 23 gauge unshielded solid copper conductors, and the coax has 18 gauge copper clad steel conductors.

Make sure you have the right tools for your networking project. Primus Cable carries a wide selection of Networking Tools including cable strippers, cable cutters, cable crimping tools, and cable testers. Order our high quality cabling tools and get the job done efficiently, and right the first time.

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