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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Plastic Fiber Distribution Units - Primus Cable

Plastic Fiber Distribution Units

The Plastic Fiber Distribution Units supplied through Primus Cable are manufactured to withstand years and years of usage, delivering an economical networking method. Our line of Fiber Distribution Units (FDUs) will protect your network connections and splices, regardless of whether your application site is based indoors or outdoors. We have indoor, outdoor, and indoor/outdoor rated Fiber Distribution Units with an array of splice configurations that are guaranteed to fulfill your network requirements. With 2 to 24 strand counts available, our Fiber Distribution Boxes will undoubtedly facilitate your fiber optic networking project.

A Closer Look | Our FDU Options and Recommendations

Pre-Loaded Fiber Distribution Unit with SC/APC Adapters and Pigtail

Our Pre-Loaded Fiber Distribution Unit with SC/APC Adapters and Pigtails is an excellent option when the objective is to split out a fiber network within an indoor application; this unit encloses the connections from a central office and within additional indoor application sites. Moreover, this FDU comes pre-loaded with 2 simplex SC adapters, which are fitted with dust covers, and 1 SC 2-meter pigtail, further broadening network horizons.

Indoor/Outdoor Rated Fiber Distribution Units

Our Indoor/Outdoor Distribution Units are manufactured to comply with both indoor and outdoor application stipulations. Through using our FB23-4849-WM12PL Fiber Distribution Unit, you can protect and secure your connections, while accommodating up to 12 fibers within a single centralized location.

Outdoor Rated Fiber Distribution Units

Our Weather-Proof Outdoor Fiber Distribution Units are intended for applications that span beyond walls. These IP-66 Rated FDUs are modeled for outdoor applications that require additional protection against outside forces, such as heat, wind, rain, et cetera. Easily accommodate 16 simplex SC adapters or 16 duplex LC adapters within this unit and rest assured knowing that your network will remain fully functional even under tumultuous outdoor conditions.

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