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CAT7 Ethernet Patch Cable

Category 7 was created as a standard for 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking over 100 meters of copper cabling. It is rated for transmission frequencies up to 600 MHz. making it ideal for high speed indoor networking applications. Make sure your short distance connectivity products are on par with the bulk cable you’re running.

We supply CAT7 Ethernet patch cables that are individually shielded to deliver exceptional network performance. Individual shielding of the conductors minimizes crosstalk from nearby cables. Our CAT7 patch cables are designed to prevent EMI from entering or being emitted from them.

The CAT7 Ethernet Patch Cable, Individually Shielded, 10G, Molded Snagless Boot, Blue has four pairs of 26 gauge conductors made of stranded copper conductors for extra flexibility. These CAT7 patch cables have factory injected molded snagless boots for strain relief which also prevents snagging. Conductors are individually shielded with aluminum foil, and the RJ45 connectors are also shielded to prevent interference.

The contacts on this CAT7 patch cable are plated with 50 Microns of gold to further improve signal conductivity. These CAT7 patch cables are available in lengths reaching up to 100 feet with an indoor PVC jacket.

Eager to future proof your high speed network? We got you covered! We are an end-to-end provider of bulk cable and connectivity products. We supply CAT7 Ethernet Cable for both indoor and outdoor voice, video, and data networking. These are dual shielded for superior attenuation and crosstalk characteristics. It is sold by 1,000 foot quantities on a wooden spool.

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