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Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a material used to divert water, keeping it from collecting on roof tops. Roof flashing is utilized on both commercial and residential structures to seal and protect joints from water penetration. There are many different types of flashing material including: copper, tin, zinc, and steel. Several factors to consider is the durability of material, cost effectiveness, aesthetic quality, and compatibility with other materials being used.

Common uses of roof flashing include:
  • Placing roof flashing around objects that protrude from the roof like pipes and chimneys.
  • Roof flashing can be embedded into walls (around windows) to direct water outside.
  • It can be concealed under windows or door thresholds to prevent water from entering.
  • Can also be placed around pipes, supports, or cables protruding from rooftops.

Tin is the easiest roof flashing material to work with, but will require more upkeep than other materials. It requires regular painting to prevent corrosion. Copper is another material that’s easy to work with, but does not work well with other materials. Copper roof flashing is also susceptible to acid rain. Rubber roof flashing is easy to repair and replace, while steel is the most durable option.

While upgrading your roof flashing, you might also consider evaluating whether your electronic systems have proper grounding in place. We provide Grounding Clamps and Grounding Bridges to protect your satellite and CATV installations. Our units are rated for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Before beginning any maintenance or repair project, make sure you have the necessary Tools for the job. We offer a wide selection of tool kits for coaxial, fiber, telephone, and data cable installation and repair. We also stock a variety of cable tester kits as well. All of our tools are extremely durable and built to last, while promoting efficiency.

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