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Null Modem Cable

Null Modem Cable

The null modem cable is a low voltage, cross-wired serial cable used for directly wiring two devices such as a computer and a printer. We provide null modem cables for connecting two data terminating equipment (DTE) devices. The null modem cable is an RS-232 serial cable. Our Null Modem Cable, DB9-F/F, 25FT is a female to female cable to connect a serial device to a switch box. This cable must be cross-linked, as it is establishing a direct link between two networking devices.

Null modem cables generally follow the RS-232 standard, and use the same serial ports as RS-232 cables. We provide null modem cables in 6 foot, 10 foot, and 25 foot lengths. Our null modem cables come in both female to female and male to female versions. We provide display port cables for connecting a computer to a television as an output device.

Our DisplayPort Cable, Male to Male, 6FT, 10FT & 15FT is an upgrade from traditional VGA ports and is on par with HDMI technology. This display port cable allows an easy connection between a computer and a display device in a home entertainment center. Our display port cables come in 6 foot, 10 foot, and 15 foot lengths.

The display port cable is the industry replacement for outmoded technologies such as DVI, VGA, and SVGA. Although not completely compatible with HDMI and DVI, they can transmit data through an HDMI or DVI cable utilizing an external passive adapter. The display port cable is made for low power, high performance applications. They are commonly included in graphic processing units, display units, and PC chipsets.

We also provide a selection of USB Cables which are hot pluggable and provide quick data transfer solutions. Our USB cables transfer data at speeds up to 480 Mbps and provide both data and power in a single cable. They come in A male to A male, A male to A female, and A male to B male versions. We also stock USB 2.0 mini cables and USB 2.0 micro cables. Thank you for choosing us as your electronics accessories provider. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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