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Fishing & Pulling Accessories - Primus Cable

Fishing & Pulling Accessories

Cable Fishing and Pulling Accessories/Tools

Primus Cable provides a variety of cable pulling accessories to complement your wire pulling tools on the job. This category includes some specialty tools for cable pulling as well as replacement parts. Some particularly handy cable pulling accessories include our CableCaster Wire Pulling Tool and the Fiberglass Telescoping Pole.

The Wire Python In-Wall Wire Pulling System serves as a wire pulling and retrieval system. This item makes the process of wire pulling through existing walls using a magnetic paddle on the outside and a magnetic leader in the inside very quick and simple . It also works great in insulation and comes packed in a durable plastic foam lined case. The leader magnet will also screw onto Fiberfish or Glowfish rods for added control over the magnet. This wire pulling system comes in handy when retrieving tools and drill bits stuck inside walls.

Another popular cable pulling accessory is the 24" Flex-Fish Flexible Wire Fishing Tool and 10" Chain. Use the 10' chain and magnetic retriever to fish wires in uninsulated walls. One end has a permanently attached magnet, the other end has a threaded female fitting which will accept the magnet head, Pull Ring, Fish Hook, Screw Tip, Ball Chain, Wisp Head, and Directional Tool attachments. This versatile wire fishing tool bends in any direction and holds its shape.

Primus Cable also provides Cable Pulling Rope for wire and cable installation. Utilizing cable pulling tools not only protects the wire from abrasion damage, it protects the installing technician as well.

Coming prepared with wire pulling tools to your cable install will not only save you much frustration, but also save you time and money. Primus Cable carries everything you need to get the job done right the first time, every time.

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