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Slide Out Fiber Splice Shelf - Primus Cable

Slide Out Fiber Splice Shelf

The Slide Out Fiber Optic Splice Shelf features a master panel that slides out, providing access to splice trays. The structure of the Slide Out Splice Shelf is designed to expedite both installation as well as facilitate future maintenance. The splice trays are hinged within the panel, which then enables access to each of the trays that comprises the panel itself. The Slide Out Splice Shelves that we offer are built with sturdy aluminum and finished with a black powered coat to ensure the longevity and durability of the product.

A Closer Look | the Product We Recommend

The Fiber Patch Panel, Slide-Out Splice Shelf, 4RU, Holds 8 Splice Trays exemplifies all of the notable qualities of an efficient Slide Out Fiber Optic Splice Shelf with the capacity to store up to four 24 fiber optic splice trays with one already included. Also included is the mounting hardware necessary for standard 19” to 23” server rack installations. The physical attributes remain consistent, demonstrating the black powder coated aluminum finish that inherently renders this product a viable network component.

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