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Security Networking Products

Your home security system helps keep your family and belongings safe, especially when you’re not around. It depends upon the foundation of a reliable CCTV network and access control systems. We are the supplier of a comprehensive range of products for your home or business security system.

Surveillance cameras require coaxial Security Cable for power and data. We provide multi-conductor access control cable for wiring alarm system keypads, alarm systems, and door access controls. We also have fire alarm cable for hooking up smoke detectors. Outdoor CCTV cameras make up a crucial part of some home security systems. These cameras are wired with outdoor jacketed bulk cable made to withstand UV bombardment and environmental conditions.

No home security system is complete without Security Audio components like alarm speakers and sirens. We have alarm sirens to complement intrusion detection systems as well as alarm speakers with external drivers to serve as an intercom.

We also provide Security Power accessories for your network including cable adapters and transformers. Power supply security boxes enclose and secure power connections against environmental exposure and tampering. A power supply box helps organize CCTV power connections through one centralized, secure location.

Security Sensors including motion detectors and glass break sensors are the first line of defense against potential intruders. These electronic devices utilize passive infrared technology to detect human generated IR energy. Glass break sensors reject white noise, signaling alarms when windows break, while magnetic contact switches protect doorways from intruders.

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