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Primus Cable - Hanging Hardware Solutions

Hanging Hardware Solutions

We at Primus Cable understand the validity of overhead cable management as an additional means of keeping networking cables organized and safely out of the way. Establishing a highly functional cable hanging system will inherently maintain a clean and productive workspace. Through our extended range of Hanging Hardware Solutions, you will soon grasp the multitude of opportunity aimed to heighten the overall functionality of your custom project.

A Closer Look | Our Hanging Hardware Product Lines

  • Aerial Hardware – Our collection of Aerial Hardware porcelain wire holders and clamps will offer a viable solution when your network takes to the skies. With reinforced steel and a variety of mounting options available, secure your aerial application with the necessary hardware.
  • Clamps – From Beam Clamps to our featured Magnetic Clamp, establish a sound foundation when it comes to securing your additional Hanging Hardware equipment and networking cables; installation remains simplified and efficient with our trusted selection.
    • Clips – This array of high-quality Clips will provide yet another method of uniformity and network efficacy through lying the groundwork. With alternative installation processes, types, and styles, these Clips are able to be use on their own or in addition to other Hanging Hardwares.
    • Holders – Magnetic or adhesive-based, narrow or wide, choose your preference. Know that each option will positively contribute to the application space as you experience a simplified installation method.
    • Installation Components – A broad selection of hand-picked products to facilitate installation as well as the implementation of your Hanging Hardwares. From lag screws to wall anchors, pull tape to support wire, find the rudiments needed to accompany your purchase.
    • J Hooks – One of the more popular options; because of the extensive functionality and ease of use, J Hooks provide a worthwhile method of cable management. Our line of J Hooks come in numerous sizes, materials, and types. We are certain to have the one you should require.
    • Mounts and Spacers – Magnetic and nail-in variants, geared to warrant an idealized application space; for projects that are big or small, we are confident in that our selection of Mounts and Spacers will deliver an exceptional result.
    • Rings – Comprised of D-rings, bridle rings, and drive rings, find the desired size, material, and type needed to elevate your network. Our assortment of Rings will serve as a central element to constructing a model cable management system.

    Our Assertion | We Strive to Surpass Expectations

    Primus Cable offers network essentials manufactured at the highest of standards to serve as a basis for your applications. All of our products are backed by our knowledgeable customer support team who are determined to find a solution for you. Our competitive prices and cutting-edge products amidst our exceptional customer service, found an unparalleled experience with our ultimate goal being to provide an individualized network that will remain dependable for years to come.

    We appreciate your interest and thank you for visiting the Primus Cable website.

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