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Primus Cable - Outdoor Coaxial Cable

Outdoor Coaxial Cable

Direct Burial Cables for Your Surveillance Camera Systems

Coaxial cable used for networking projects like outdoor CCTV systems require cable with adequate jacketing and insulation to handle moisture and sun exposure. Siamese outdoor coaxial cable is recommended for CCTV since a single run of cable provides both data and power. This saves time and money on such installations.

The RG59 Siamese Coaxial Cable, Direct Burial has 20 gauge solid copper conductors with 95% copper braid shielding. The unshielded 18 gauge stranded copper conductors supply power in the same run of outdoor coaxial cable. It has an FR-PVC jacket and foamed polyethylene insulation making this outdoor coaxial cable safe for direct burial applications. This cable is supplied in both 500 foot and 1,000 foot lengths on a wooden spool.

CATV and digital HDTV applications require outdoor coaxial cable with greater levels of shielding to protect against interference. An economical option we offer is the RG6 Coaxial Cable, Direct Burial, Dual Shielded, 18AWG CMX. Its 18 gauge copper clad steel conductor is 100% aluminum foil shielded and has 60% aluminum braid shielding to protect against EMI. It has polyethylene insulation and a PVC jacket for direct burial applications. This outdoor coaxial cable is sold on a wooden spool of 1,000 feet of cable.

Make a Connection

We recommend the BNC Connector, Pro Snap N Seal™ RG6 Universal Connector, Green Ring. This durable BNC connector fits both standard and quad shield RG59 coaxial cable. It takes the guesswork out of cable insertion with non-blind cable entry. 360 degree compression provides secure, reliable connection while offering superior RF shielding. This connector fits both standard and quad shielded RG6 cable.

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