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Extender Poles & Accessories - Primus Cable

Extender Poles & Accessories

An Extender Pole is the perfect tool used by installers who prefer installing cables while working from the floor. These poles allow installers to reach areas that you would normally need a ladder for.  Using an extender will prevent hazardous scenarios such as climbing unstable surfaces while working.

Our 12' or 18' Xtender Pole, Telescoping Extension Pole comes in the different lengths to provide access to higher areas. It is designed for professional contractors and low-voltage cable installers, offering an easy way to reach overhead installations. Using a Telescoping Extension Pole offers advantages when working from a floor and provides a safer way to reach areas that previously were dangerous or inaccessible by ladders, scaffolding, and scissor lifts including vaulted ceilings, over-stairwells, and through ceiling grids.

We also provide extender pole accessories such as the Drill Adapter Replacement. This Drill Adapter Replacement is designed to work with the 12" or 18" Xtender pole. We also offer the Female Hex Adapter, 5/8" Open End. This item was also designed to work with a 12" or 18" Xtender Pole.

Installing cables in hard to reach areas has never been easier. Our extenders are the perfect choice when working with overhead installations.

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