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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Primus Cable - Bulk Fiber Optic Cables

Bulk Fiber Optic Cables

Primus Cable stocks a wide variety of Bulk Fiber Cable, that support much of the world's internet, cable television, and telephone systems. Fiber Optic Cables have advantages over traditional long-distance copper cabling and Primus Cable takes pride in offering high quality Bulk Fiber Cable, that support high capacity network bandwidths. Each person's fiber optic cable needs may be different—we carry LC, ST, and SC connectivity, single mode or multimode fiber optic cable, media converters, duplex and simplex cable, plenum bulk fiber, all at various lengths and sizes. When Quality, Performance & Reliability, Really Matter, Primus Cable is your One Stop Fiber Cable Shop.

A Closer Look | Dive Into the Bulk Fiber Cables that We Offer

Aerial Fiber Optic Cables

Aerial Fiber Optic Cable is designed for aerial applications or applications where the cable must be suspended in the air. The specs of Aerial products in general are manufactured with environmental concerns in mind, such as ever-changing weather conditions; for instance, the materials that found the outer jacket of the cable are made to resist excess heat and moisture. Aerial Fiber also features a ¼” galvanized messenger wire for stability as well. Cable T.V., outside plant, and telecom applications are a few examples in which Aerial Fiber Optic Cable is often utilized. We supply Aerial Fiber in 9/125 single mode as well as in 50/125 OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 multimode variations.

Armored Fiber Optic Cables

Armored Fiber Optic Cable is a version of fiber that is covered with an additional metal layer to prevent fractures as well as corrosion from rodents, moisture, and supplementary threats. Armored Fiber Optic Cable is available in both indoor/outdoor variants with 2 to 144 strand counts. Riser OFCR, plenum OFCP, and direct burial applications could serve as the opportune moment to utilize Armored Fiber Optic Cable.

Breakout Fiber Cables

Breakout Cable is essentially a collective group of simplex fibers bound and held together through a shared outer jacket; these simplex fibers have a jacket of their own, allowing them to be broken out to form individual strands. The significance of this design is that these simplex fibers can then be connected to an array of devices as a patch cord, for instance, while remaining enclosed as one until the breakout is necessary. Breakout Cable is generally larger than distribution fiber cable; the breakout design provides additional strength in numbers for ruggedized drops. Common applications include short plenum and riser runs as well as use in conduits.

Broadcast Deployable Fiber Cables

Broadcast Deployable Fiber Optic Cable obtains its function through offering a solution that is intended to be temporary; for instance, if the need to acquire a high-speed network within a specific location for a brief moment in time should ever occur, Broadcast Deployable Fiber Optic Cable would then be an exceptional option. Made to withstand harsh outdoor environments, this type of fiber is tight buffered and lightweight with color-coded sub-cables to easily identify networking strands. Moreover, the breakout subunits are resistant to abrasions; offered in both single mode and multimode breakout and distribution variants, there is a Broadcast Deployable Fiber Optic Cable type to fit virtually all application requirements.

Distribution Fiber Cables

Distribution Fiber Optic Cable exemplifies a tight buffered design that allows this cable type to be installed as a building backbone and/or installed for inter-building campus applications, eliminating the need for expensive transitions between cable types. In addition, Distribution Fiber Optic Cable is available in 4 main fiber types: Single Mode 9/125, Multimode OM1 62.5/125, Multimode OM3 50/125 and Multimode OM4 50/125. Plenum and Riser rated materials are available as well as indoor or indoor/outdoor options. And most often, Distribution Fiber Cables have strand counts ranging from 2 to 72 fibers.

Dry Loose Tube Fiber Cables

Climate and weather patterns vary worldwide; Indoor/Outdoor Dry Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable is manufactured with that in mind. From rain to wind, cold fronts to heat waves, Dry Loose Tube Fiber offers a solution as the preferred choice for outdoor applications. An innovative exterior structure equips the fiber, handling stress from extreme and fluctuating temperatures. Should excess moisture pose as a primary concern, water blocking yarn swells up to absorb any such leakage, thus protecting the fiber cores. Gel filling or water blocking tape insulation inside the loose tube fiber stops water penetration and prevents stress fractures as well, wholly enhancing the cable.

Duplex Fiber Cables

Duplex Fiber Optic Cable is utilized for two-way transmissions in between devices; one channel is constructed to send information, while the additional channel receives information similar to the connection established through a modern telephone. The way in which this correlation is founded is through the two fibers that essentially form the Duplex Cable itself.

Micro Distribution Fiber Cable

Micro Distribution Fiber Optic Cable is a form of high-density cable that is often used in local-area networks (LANs), especially where space is limited. Primus Cable provides Micro Distribution Cable that is composed of anywhere from 2 to 144 strands of fiber in order to provide a lucrative solution that is not only compact, but also retains adequate productivity specifications throughout.

MIL-TAC Fiber Cables

Our MIL-TAC Cable is manufactured for outdoor applications where swift deployment and quick retrieval for reuse are required facets. With an exceptionally strong, lightweight and hard-wearing design, MIL-TAC Cable is made for military tactical field use as well as harsher commercial application sites. These tactical fiber cables have been meticulously tested and refined, currently in use within military data communication applications worldwide.

Simplex Fiber Cables

Simplex Fiber Optic Cable is employed for one-way transmissions between network devices; essentially, Simplex Fiber is designed for applications where there is a designated sender and receiver that remains perpetual. The overall Simplex physical design is constructed of a single strand fiber with premium quality Corning® glass, a tight buffer, aramid yarn, and a PVC outer jacket. In addition, Primus Cable supplies Simplex Fiber Optic Cable in both single mode and multimode versions exclusively for indoor applications.