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Primus Cable - Fiber Optic Fan Out Kits

Fiber Fan Out Kit

Fiber Optic Fan Out Kit

Require a handy solution for quick and simple termination of distribution cables? Look no further, we supply fiber optic fan out kits to easily terminate loose tube and distribution fiber optic cable. These are available in both 6 strand and 12 strand with leads in 25”, 36”, and 47”.

The Fiber Fan-out Kit, 900um Tubing come pre-configured for either 6 or 12 strand fiber applications, with 900 micron lengths of tubing in industry appropriate color scheme. The fiber fan out kit expedites installation with an easy to identify color scheme and clips included for ribbon, 2mm, and 3mm cables. This fiber fan out kit is compatible with all connector types.

It also has black glass reinforced ABS plastic allowing you to re-open for re-entry if necessary. Primus Cable supplies Dry Loose Tube Fiber in both plenum and riser jackets for peak networking performance when components are exposed to extreme weather conditions. It has insulating water blocking materials like aramid yarn which swells up to absorb moisture. It can accommodate a large fiber count, up to 72 fibers, with a UV protected jacket. This works well with our fiber fan out kits.

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