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Primus Cable - Fiber Dome Closure

Fiber Dome Closure

The Primus Cable Fiber Dome Closure is manufactured and specialized in its encompassing design to suffice both above and below grade applications, supporting up to 6 or more cable entries. The Fiber Dome Closure has an identifiable and distinctive gasketed split end plate system, which permits mid-accessing cable up to 1.125” in diameter. In addition, lateral or branch cables can be added to any one of four compression seal entry ports. Multiple cables (up to 6) could also be installed, utilizing multi-port grommets that are available for the Fiber Dome Closure. The Outdoor Fiber Dome Closure requires no special tools, adhesives, or mastics for installation. An integrated slack storage space and hinged trays enhance cable management. And as a final note, each Fiber Dome Enclosure includes one fiber splice tray to accelerate your fiber optic application.

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