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Telco Patch Panel

Telecommunications or telco patch panels provide a secure connection point between networking devices, Ethernet switches, and or routers. At the same time, the telco patch panel allows for efficient and effective cable management while providing signal protection. This minimizes crosstalk, which provides signal clarity.

We provide both 24 port and 48 port telco patch panels for CAT 3 voice applications. The CAT 3 Patch Panel, USOC Voice (6C6P), 24 or 48-Port meets and or exceeds industry networking standards. It accommodates 6P6C RJ11 keystone jacks in a clean and organized fashion. This telco patch panel is color coded for USOC, making it easy to organize telco cabling.

Before setting up your telco patch panel, be sure you come prepared with quality CAT 3 Telephone Cable for 10Base-T and 100Base-T networking applications. We provide CAT 3 cable ideal for both plenum and riser installations. We offer everything from your basic two pair unshielded CAT 3 bulk cable to 25 pair unshielded twisted pair CAT 3 cable to wire a commercial phone network.

We are an end to end networking products supplier, we also stock all the tools and modular connectors you’ll need to install CAT 3 bulk cable and telco patch panels. The Modular Plug, RJ11 Plug, 6 Position, 4 Conductor is an RJ11 modular plug for telephone cords. It works well with both round solid and stranded telco cables. It has 50 micro inch gold plated contacts to preserve signal clarity, and transparent housing for easy conductor alignment.

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