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Audio/Video Cable Testers - Primus Cable

Audio/Video Cable Testers

Cable Testers for Audio & Video Verification

When running HDMI cables over a long distance or through walls, it’s a good idea to use an A/V cable tester to verify them. The A/V tester evaluates potential issues with HDMI cable by troubleshooting the pin connections. We provide A/V cable testers that are user friendly and display the status of each HDMI signal component.

Our HDMI A/V Cable Tester HDMI A Type and C (Mini) Type tests the continuity of all HDMI features. Easy to use, just plug in the HDMI cable and it checks for continuity, yielding a pass or fail rating. This A/V tester has both HDMI Type A and HDMI Type C (mini) connectors. It can test both Type A and Type C cables without an adapter.

Need new HDMI cables? We got you covered with our HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) A/V Cable Tester is designed to easily check and troubleshoot the pin connections of HDMI Cables. It is ideal for testing the signal of each pin on an HDMI cable prior to installation. Used for troubleshooting and diagnosis of HD signal loss involving HDMI cables..

We are an end-to-end provider of all you need for home theater networking. Our TV Ceiling & Wall Mounts are ideal for installing televisions in both commercial and residential settings. We have fixed mounts, tilt mounts, and full motion TV mounts. Whether you have a domestic entertainment center or a custom home theater, we have the HDMI solution for you.

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