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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Armored Fiber Optic Cable - Primus Cable

Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Armored Fiber Optic Cable | Plenum · Riser · Direct Burial

Fiber Optic network applications are hardly straightforward at times; the application site itself may pose as a physical threat. Though fiber cable is designed to be sufficient through the layers that enclose the fiber, an additional layer could very well be essential to maintaining the efficiency of your fiber optic network entirely.

Armored Fiber Optic Cable is a version of fiber that is covered with an additional metal layer to prevent fractures as well as corrosion from rodents, moisture, and supplementary threats. Armored Fiber Optic Cable is available in both indoor/outdoor variants with 2 to 144 strand counts. Riser OFCR, plenum OFCP, and direct burial applications could serve as the opportune moment to utilize Armored Fiber Optic Cable.

Armored Types | Aluminum Interlocking Armor and Corrugated Steel

The metal armor that protects the fiber cable within is manufactured of either aluminum interlocking armor or standard corrugated steel. Corrugated steel Armored Fiber is designed to operate ideally within rugged direct burial applications, remaining durable, while repelling moister and natural decay. Alternatively, our aluminum interlocking armor fiber offers you the same protection as the corrugated steel, only aluminum has greater flexibility during and throughout the installation process.

Plenum Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Plenum Armored Fiber Optic Cable is most widely chosen among consumers, with the ability to be employed in both indoor/outdoor plenum and riser applications. In order to ensure the quality of the products we provide, we use Corning glass; moreover, Plenum Armored Fiber Optic Cable is OFCP rated and contains tight buffered fibers with aramid yarn strength members. These Armored Cables are an alternative to conduit installations. In addition, this fiber has a Plenum rating, which will all-around safeguard the application site in case of an emergency and if the cable is installed within air handling spaces since the outer jacket of the cable is coated with low smoke and flame-retardant materials.

Riser Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Our OFCR Riser Armored Fiber Optic Cable is exceptional for multi-story building applications, in the midst of high traffic areas and in between floors that require mechanical protection. The armor is helically wrapped aluminum interlocking armor, optimized for protecting your cables from fractures and environmental calamities.

Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable

For underground direct burial applications, Primus Cable’s Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable is frequently administered as a means of achieving a clean and sound installation. Though direct burial sites are often afflicted with the unknown, there is no need for concern because Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable is incredibly durable, fending off rodents and additional impacts through a corrugated steel shield. Manufactured with the intent of meeting an array of network standards, Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable is available in 2 to 144 strands options as well.

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