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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Micro Distribution Fiber Cable - Primus Cable

Micro Distribution Fiber Cable

Micro Distribution Fiber Optic Cable is a form of high-density cable that is often used in local-area networks (LANs), especially where space is limited. Primus Cable provides Micro Distribution Cable that is composed of anywhere from 2 to 144 strands of fiber in order to provide a lucrative solution that is not only compact, but also retains adequate productivity specifications throughout.

A Closer Look | Codes and Regulations

Within a Micro Distribution Fiber Optic Cable, the fibers are organized into subunits surrounded by an aramid yarn with a 2.95mm PVC outer jacket; there is an option to customize the subunits through sequentially numbering and color coding the strands. All component materials of this product meet the EU RoHS and REACH Directive standards. What is more, both riser and plenum rated Micro Distribution Fiber Optic Cables are available as a means of ensuring your fiber optic network is safe and up to code.

The spread of fire and smoke throughout the airways of a building is a primary concern effecting the overall installation process. When running fiber through plenum airspaces, fiber optic cables must adhere to the NEC (National Electric Code) in order to minimize the propagation of fire in an emergency. Because there is a difference of materials that found both plenum and riser rated cables, one must remain aware of the particular codes that are relevant to their application site; this guarantees the safety of others through hindering flames and restricting harsh chemicals from entering the airspace.

Products We Recommend | Additional Facts and Information

Long distance applications tend to favor single mode fiber for its lower attenuation properties. In that instance, Primus Cable offers the Micro Distribution Fiber Optic Cable, Single Mode, 9/125, Corning Fiber, Indoor, Plenum; this single mode Micro Distribution Cable is composed of anywhere from a single tube to a dozen subunits of fiber. Furthermore, this fiber optic cable is manufactured of premium quality Corning® glass optical fibers measuring 250µm and is OFNP rated in compliance with NEC Article 770 for plenum applications. Another benefit of high-density Micro Distribution Cable is that this cable can transmit large quantities of data in an efficient manner, utilizing as little physical space as possible.

For vertical, floor to floor high-density applications, Primus Cable provides the Micro-Distribution Fiber Optic Cable, Single Mode, 9/125, Corning Fiber, Indoor, Riser; this high-density riser cable comes in 2 to 96 strand variations and is rated OFNR for riser applications in accordance with NEC Article 770. Moreover, this fiber optic cable has a small outside diameter to fit in tight spaces and also utilizes Corning® glass optical fibers to heighten productivity.

| Note that we also supply Micro Distribution Fiber Optic Cable in multimode variants

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