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RJ11, RJ12 & RJ22 Plugs

RJ11, RJ12, and RJ22 connectors are used in nearly every telephone and data network. The RJ refers to registered jack, and is a standardized hardware interface for telecommunications equipment. RJ11 tends to be the most common type of modular plug. RJ11 is designed to carry voice or analog signals for telephone communications.

Primus Cable offers both RJ11 (6 position, 4 contact) connectors, and RJ12 (6 position, 6 contact) connectors. We also offer RJ22 (4 position, 4 contact) connectors for telephone and data applications. Our RJ11 Modular Plug for Round and Stranded Wires is ever popular for installers.

RJ11 and RJ12 connectors appear very similar, only the RJ12 uses all six positions while the RJ11 uses only four. RJ12 connectors can utilize more lines than an RJ11. RJ22 plugs have only four pins, and tend to be used just for handset to telephone connections.

Primus Cable is an end-to-end telecommunications equipment provider, we also carry bulk cable for telecom applications. Our Cat3 Plenum Solid UTP Cable is ideal for installation in plenums or air spaces. This phone cable is commonly used for 10Base-T and 100Base-T networking, particularly for telephone and low speed data applications. We stock both phone cable for plenum and for riser applications.

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