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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Network Server Racks

Network Server Racks

Server racks are frames or enclosures designed for mounting and organizing servers, according to industry stipulations. Equipment manufactured for networking rack storage is described as "rackmount," or "rackmountable." In addition, the height of a server rack shelf is measured in multiples of 1.75 inches, which is designated as one rack unit (1U), along with being a standardized 19-inches wide. We carry a broad selection of server racks and related equipment that is ideal for industrial and commercial networks. Get familiar with some of our Racks Management.

When establishing a network, no matter the scale, Racks are a lucrative method of keeping all networking components contained and organized within a central area. Simplify management and expedite the maintenance of your server room or data center through implementing one of our Racks that come in various sizes and types, though, nonetheless, reflect the same sound structure that you should expect. 

2 Post Racks, Free Standing Relay Racks

The 2 post Rack is a great organizational and management tactic for limited networks and/or when implementation is within a more compact area. Moreover, these types of Server Racks are typically wall-mountable or free standing in form, ideal for placement in wiring closets, telecom rooms, and/or data centers; they maintain a sound steel structure and durable overall build to remain abiding for as long as you need them.

4 Post Server Rack, Open Frame Rack Systems

    Should your application call for something larger, the 4 post Server Rack may suffice. The 4 post Server Rack exemplifies an open frame system, providing superior airflow to system components. The square tube design of our 4 post Server Racks makes equipment easily accessible, while demonstrating exceptional versatility, being both expandable and adjustable to fulfill your demands.

    The Network Rack Open Frame from Kendall Howard is built without doors or side panels allowing maximum airflow for your network equipment. Built with a 24" or 36" depth, this LINIER® Server Cabinet is suitable for telecom and datacom systems, A/V equipment, and small home audio/visual equipment. The open-frame design of this 4 post Server Rack enhances airflow and provides flexible cabling and equipment setup.

    Network Wall Racks & Wall Brackets

      The network Wall Rack provides innovative networking and cable management solutions, especially when floor space is limited. Install a network Wall Rack and keep networking cables conveniently out of the way and organized. We offer a variety of network Wall Racks and bracket solutions including: swing-out open frame wall mounts, swing-out brackets, V-line open frame wall mounts and brackets. Our network Wall Rack solutions will help maximize the efficiency of your system.

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