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Repel Communication Cable

Repel Communication Water Block Cable

Given time water will penetrate the polyvinyl chloride outer jacket on general purpose networking cables. Although it may hold up against limited exposure to the elements, cable left in standing water will degrade and eventually fail. We provide water block cable and repel communications cable which resists both sunlight and water exposure.

This water block cable is commonly used for low voltage process control circuitry and power limited controls. We also supply a shielded stranded water block cable, the Waterblock Communication Cable 14/2 (19 Strand) Shielded, 1000' Black. It is unshielded with stranded copper conductors with water blocking tape.

The CL3/FPL rated jacket prevents both sunlight degradation and water damage. It has a voltage rating of 300 volts and sequential footage markings on the jacket.

Be sure you have adequate tools before your next install. We provide excellent wire stripping and cutting tools like the All-In-One Stripping Tool. This stripping tool comes in handy for preparing fire alarm cable for installation. Lightweight, compact, and versatile, the All-In-One Stripping Tool helps reduce installation time and costs.

It has both cable cutting and stripping blades, and accommodates a wide range of materials including fire alarm, coax, twisted pair, security, telephone, and audio cables.

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