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Fiber Slack Storage

Fiber Slack Storage

Fiber Slack Storage for Cable Management

Fiber slack storage units are devices used to coil up and store additional length of fiber optic cable. This secures the cable while eliminating slack. The fiber slack storage device can be mounted aerially, on a wall, or inside a vault. Primus Cable supplies half round spools, plastic Sno-Shoes, and cable management round spools to organize fiber.

The Slack Storage Bracket Sno-Shoe, Round, 7", Plastic is designed for vault and aerial mount applications. This fiber slack storage device maintains the minimum bend radius of 3.5”, preventing micro-bends in fiber optic cable. This allows for consistency and regularity in fiber loops. The plastic construction of this fiber slack storage device makes it non-conductive, and the compact size makes it ideal for high density networking. Countersunk nut wells provide for easy installation.

Another popular fiber slack storage solution Primus Cable offers is the Slack N Roll - 1.17" Bend Radius. The Slack-N-Roll provides 1.17” of bend radius protection, and has slots to secure the optional splice tray. Protruding posts shield fiber from damage from mounting screws. It has two 0.2” mounting holes and is made of plastic.

Secure your fiber with Primus Cable’s Hook and Loop Cable Ties. They save time when routing fiber optic cables around server components. We provide hook and loop fiber cable management solutions to suit a multitude of applications. We have CableCatch ties for working against flat surfaces, and the EconoCinch straps for heavy duty purposes.

Make sure your fiber optic network is efficient and secure with Primus Cable’s superior selection of fiber cable trays and accessories. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our experienced and friendly technicians are eager to assist you. Thank you for visiting our website.

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