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Mini Gender Changer

Mini Gender Changer | Mini Gender Changers

The gender changer is an adapter serving as a connection point between a male and a female cable, when a cable of the opposite gender is required. A gender changer converts a male cable into a female cable, and vice versa. These very simple devices are extremely useful in a variety of applications. They can be used for customizing home theater networks and for testing cables.

Use a gender changer like our DB-9 Mini Gender Changer - Male to Male to connect two female DB-9 cables. The gender changer saves you money by allowing you to extend the reach of your cables without purchasing more expensive, longer ones.

Each side has nut connectors for securing the adapter to line connectors. We have a variety of gender changers to accommodate DB-15 and DB-25 cables, as well as for their mini counterparts.

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