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Primus Cable Fiber Attenuators

Fiber Attenuator

Optical Attenuator

A fiber attenuator, or optical attenuator, is used to reduce the power level of an optical signal of a fiber optic cable by up to 30dB. A fiber attenuator is commonly used in fiber optic communications to the power level of a fiber cable by controlling the amount of signal loss that is passed through the signal. Fiber optic attenuators can also be used on a more permanent basis in order to match the signal with a transmitter and receiver's specific power levels.

The way a fiber attenuator works is by absorbing extra light within the signal, similar to the way sunglasses work by lessening the light rays that enter your eyes. It's important that the optical attenuator absorbs the light rather than reflecting it to avoid any unwanted back reflection. An easy way this is accomplished within fiber optic attenuators is by using doped fibers or simply misaligned splices within a coupling device that a fiber optic cable can be plugged in to.

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