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Fiber Breakout Kit

Fiber Breakout Kit

When terminating large strand count fiber optic cables, the fiber breakout kit is essential. Loose tube buffered fiber cables have ultra-thin bare fibers requiring pinpoint care during installation. The fiber breakout kit helps ensure solid, reliable connections in the most efficient manner possible. This saves time, labor, and money on costly fiber network upgrades and repairs.

The Fiber Breakout Kit, 40" Leads, 6 Strand or 12 Strand is available in both 2mm and 3mm tubing sizes, with fibers color coded for easy identification. This fiber breakout kit is compatible with most connector styles and accepts 900 micron tight buffer. It is popular for general purpose indoor fiber networking.

Primus Cablealso supplies handy Fiber Optic Cleaners to help during network maintenance and upgrade projects. We have fiber cleaning pens to help remove dust, dirt, and foreign particles from fiber bulkheads and connectors. For heavier contaminants, we offer Kimwipes which can be used with solvents to keep your fiber clean.

Fiber Optic Patch Panels provide a centralized location to organize and manage network connections. By providing easy access to network technicians, you can minimize network downtime during system maintenance. These come in a multitude of styles including: loaded, swing-out, slide-out, fixed, LGX, and high density, just to name a few. These are manufactured of sturdy build materials like 16 gauge solid powder coated steel.

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