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Primus Cable - HDMI Accessories

HDMI Accessories

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HDMI Accessories

High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, for short, was created to send audio/video data from a HDMI-compatible source to a TV or monitor. Unfortunately, not all sources are HDMI compatible. Lucky for you, Primus Cable has you covered! We carry a selection of HDMI Accessories to make sure you everything you need to set up your HDMI home theater system.

HDMI Converters

HDMI converters are used to connect non-HDMI devices to a television or monitor with an HDMI display. We supply a variety of HDMI converters, including our HDMI to VGA Converter, with AUX Audio Cable. When connecting a computer VGA output to a monitor with an HDMI input, this VGA to HDMI Converter makes the two devices compatible.

HDMI Extenders

Extend your HDMI signal with an HDMI extender from Primus cable. We carry a selection of extenders to ensure a flexible configuration of your home theater system without sacrificing signal integrity. With ranges up to 165 feet, expanding your home theater system has never been easier.

HDMI Splitters

Do you have multiple screens or monitors you want to share the same feed? Display the same video on two or more screens  with a Primus Cable HDMI/VGA Splitter. Our splitters are multifunctional, and actually enhance the HDMI input signal, extending the range as well as splitting it to multiple feeds.

Got Cable?

Browse our selection of HDMI cables to make sure you have everything you need to set up your home theater system. Let Primus Cable be your one stop shop for all of your networking needs!