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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are the entry systems used for opening gates. It allows a means of providing access to a secure property for authorized personnel besides the property owners. This way emergency personnel, relatives, and friends can be allowed to open an electronic gate without a remote. These come in a variety of types including: keyed, keyless, keypad, cellular and card entry stations.

Card Access Systems

A popular card proximity card reader we carry is the Ridge 2.0. This cellular keypad comes with a built in mount for a card access reader. It comes with 3 options; just the card reader mount, with an HID card reader attached, or with a Secura card reader attached. This access control system combines all the advantages of a cellular access system, with the convenience of a card swipe option.

Multi-Tenant Entry Systems

If you are looking for a multi-tenant system, we recommend the Advantage DKLP Keypad station. This entry system allows you to open up to two  two gates or doors and grant access via app, text, voice, keypad, directory call, or Wiegand device!  This unit features app, text, and voice control as well as back-to-back calling of up to 3 phone numbers. If two gates or doors isn't enough, this entry system is compatible with other other ascent products and can be managed together as a network via Summit Control.

Dont forget the cables! 

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