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Drywall Anchors and Eye Lag Screws

Drywall Anchors and Eye Lag Screws

Installation Components. Products made to facilitate. As you browse and begin to collect your Hanging Hardware Solutions, remember those that are less obvious at times. Here, you will find additional and fundamental products to reinforce the foundation of your application, products such as but not limited to lag screws, wall anchors, hanging wire and tape options, and more. As your trusted distributor and end-to-end provider, we at Primus Cable are very meticulous in assembling our product lines, always striving to provide you with what you need, time after time.

A Closer Look | Products We Recommend

Our SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor from TOGGLER® offers a convenient means of creating an anchoring point without the use of additional tools. When you need extra support mounting your Hanging Hardware, this anchor can hold up to 178lbs through shear strength and 5/8" drywall. The notable “pop” sound upon installation, indicates the correct positioning and readiness to assist. Additionally, compatible combo head screws are also available to match the type and quantity of dry wall anchors preferred for further convenience.

The 3" Eye Lag Screw is our solution when drilling into wooden beams, poles, ceiling decks, et cetera. In understanding that you may require more than a few, this Eye Lag Screw comes in 100pc boxes. With a 1/4" hole, this lag screw can easily accompany both hanging wire or pull tape, jack chains, S hooks, along with numerous additional products to support your project. And lastly, the threaded 3" length ensures a secure bond and ever-handy access point when establishing your cable management scheme.

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