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Thermostat Wire

Thermostat Wire is a Class 2, power limited circuit cable that is commonly used for low voltage systems, such as HVAC, the acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditions, controls. We supply a line of 18-gauge Thermostat Wire, ranging from two conductor to eight conductor variants. Manufactured with solid bare copper conductors, our Thermostat Wire is coated with a sun resistant jacket and highly comparable to both Honeywell and Southwire. Currently on hand, we provide a riser-rated, nonplenum variation of Thermostat Wire, constructed for implementation within closed wall applications.

What are the uses of Thermostat Wire?

In spite of the name, Thermostat Wire has numerous uses; along with power temperature controls, common applications include additional HVAC-based equipment, doorbells, door openers, burglar alarms, irrigation controls, as well as lighting controls. As a means of further facilitating a multitude of individualized projects, our thermostat wire is made to handle both indoor and outdoor installations.

A Closer Look | Products We Recommend

 The Thermostat Wire, 2 Conductor, Solid Copper, 500 ft. is a common choice among installers; this Thermostat Wire has two solid bare copper conductors and an indoor/outdoor brown jacket. This product has a voltage rating of 150 Volts that protects against electrical fires through limiting the power of circuits operating under 30 Volts. The jacketing of this Thermostat Wire is sunlight resistant, made to handle the harsh weather exposures of the outdoors. This wire comes on a 500 ft. spool, though we have additional variations that are available in 250 ft. spools as well.

We also carry a fine selection of Wire Cutters and Strippers and assorted tools for preparing your Thermostat Wire for installation. Our wire cutting tools are ergonomically friendly and easy to use, which, ultimately, saves time and money. Our tools are also dependable and built to last.

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