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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
Primus Cable - MTP Fiber Optic Solutions

MTP Fiber Optic Solutions

MTP® Fiber Cables and Accessories

MTP® is a recognizable term that is in reference to a trademarked MPO fiber connector. Defined, the Multiple Fiber Termination Push-on (MTP®) is relative to the high-density fiber optic networking solution belonging to US Conec, Ltd. The Multi-fiber Push-on (MPO) is a specific form of fiber cable manufactured to facilitate networks working within spaces where there is restricted connectivity. In short, 12 to 72 fibers are able to fit into a single high-density fiber optic cable through the use of this technological advancement widely known as MTP®.

High-bandwidth routers and high-density data clusters serve as the ideal arena for which MTP® Fiber Optic Solutions perform exceptionally well. The MTP® products that we provide are as follows: MTP® Trunk Cables, MTP® Breakout or Harness Cables, MTP® Fiber Cassettes, and MTP® Adapter Panels.

MTP® Trunk Cables

MTP® Trunk Cables are innovative through the MTP® connectors; this type of fiber establishes connections with MTP® connectors on both ends to maximize physical contact, inherently becoming ideal for swift deployment of high-density infrastructure. MTP® Trunk Cables have consistent signal propagation with low insertion loss and superior return characteristics, while operating within a high-density capacity.

MTP® Harness Cables

MTP® Harness Cables, commonly recognized as MTP® Breakout Fiber as well, are primarily utilized for data distribution patch panels, including plenum applications. Primus Cable supplies MTP® breakout cables in single mode and multimode, employing 12, 24, 48, and 72 fibers. The MTP® fiber cable splits one 12 strand MTP® fiber optic cable into 12 individual SC cables. Fan-out style MTP® cable is available in both male and female styles, varying in length and by diameter of the fan tube.

MTP® Cassettes

MTP® Cassettes are available and designed to accommodate 12 strand MTP®/MPO fiber optic connections. These MTP® Cassettes are an efficient means of eliminating excess clutter and organizing the cables that comprise your network. MTP® Cassettes can be fastened and fitted into any standard fiber optic patch panel, including both rack mount and wall mount variations.

MTP® Fiber Adapter Panels

MTP® Fiber Adapter Panels offered through Primus Cable, such as the Fiber Adapter Panel, 10 Gig Multimode, are built to enhance a myriad of fiber optic applications through expanding the overall network capacity by use of MTP® fiber plates that we have stocked come in 6 and 8 port panel configurations; the ports found within the MTP® panels have the ability to hold up to 72 fibers.

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Build Your Own Custom MTP Trunk or Breakout Fiber Cable

Build Your Own Custom MTP® Trunk or Breakout Fiber Cable

Customize breakout or MTP® Fiber Optic Trunk Cable to conform your interconnect applications. We provide innumerable options for your fiber optic assembly.

Maximize the efficiency of your data center with up to 144 strands of fiber optic connectivity in a single high-density cable. Then give us a call and we will provide you with a personalized quote.