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Conduit EMT Fittings & Connectors

EMT Connectors and Fittings for Conduit

EMT or electrical metal tubing connectors are used to attach EMT conduit to wiring boxes and enclosures. We supply an extensive selection of EMT connectors including EMT compression connectors, 90 degree angle connectors, pull elbows, set screw connectors, and offset connectors.

The EMT Connectors, Compression Type, Steel, 1/2" - 4" are used to compress and seal a piece of conduit to a junction box. This type of EMT connector is easy to install with compression fitting technology. This steel EMT connector is available in sizes ranging from ½” to up to 4” in diameter.

We supply pull elbows like the EMT 90 Degree Pull Elbow. This type of EMT connector transitions a conduit system from EMT to rigid, and is available in sizes ranging from ½” to 1 ¼” in diameter. This zinc die cast EMT connector has a removable cover to facilitate wire pulling.

We also supply fittings and couplers for EMT conduit, like the Combination Couplings EMT (1/2”-3/4”) to Flex (3/8”-3/4”). These couplings for EMT conduit are made of die cast zinc for solid durability. It is available in 3/8”, ½”, and ¾” flex versions.

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