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USB Accessories

USB Adapters

Our USB Adapters allow you to plug multiple devices into a single USB port. Now, with the new capabilities of USB C, you can plug in your phone, camera, monitor, tablet and connect to the internet all at once! Our USB C adapters allow you to instantly connect onto a Gigabit network with plug and play capability and Super-Speed USB 3.1 ports. Devices are continually reducing in size, which requires a much more compact universal port. That is why USB C is taking over as the standard type for devices such as Apple Macbooks, Android Phones, and Google Chromebooks. Keep your devices connected with our wide line of adapters.

USB Cable Extensions

For when you want your cable to go that extra foot, you can count on our USB Cable Extensions to do the trick. For those who need a longer extension, our USB 2.0 Cable Active Repeater Extension A-Male/A-Female can lengthen your cord by a maximum of 80 ft.

USB Converters

Converters allow you to connect USB accessories such as flash drives, keyboards, mouse and media readers to your device with one easy step. Other types of converters also plug directly into your computer’s USB port and enable you to plug in your HDMI, VGA, or DVI. Similar to adapters, converters give your devices' ports multi-use functionality but provide only one port to use instead of multiple ports as with adapters.

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