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Primus Cable - RG11 Coaxial Cable

RG11 Coaxial Cable

RG11 Coax Cable for TV Cable Wire Networking

RG11 coaxial cable has higher signal retention properties than RG59 and RG6, making it suitable for backbone video runs of up to 400 feet. This type of cable is denser and less flexible than other types of coax, and so it is used for special purpose audio/video applications. It has a larger gauge conductor than found in RG59 and RG6 cables.

A popular solution for TV cable wire networking projects is the RG11 Coaxial Cable, Direct Burial 14 AWG Solid CCS. It has a 14 gauge copper clad steel conductor with 60% aluminum braid and aluminum foil shielding against EMI. This RG11 coaxial cable has a UV rated outdoor jacket that is more resistant to sunlight exposure. This RG11 coaxial cable is suitable for direct burial as it has a CMX rated jacket.

For plenum networking, we carry the RG11 Plenum Coaxial Cable, 14 AWG CCS. This RG11 coaxial cable has a 14 gauge copper cladded steel conductor with both aluminum foil and 65% aluminum braid shielding. This 500 foot RG11 coaxial cable is sweep tested for 3GHz. performance speeds and is RoHS compliant.

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Arrive ready for your next CATV installation with our superior quality F Connector, Pro SNS™ Universal RG11 Quad, 7/16”, Black Ring. Utilizing an air dielectric within the transition area, this connector delivers superior return loss. The one piece design offers secure, weather tight termination with increased pull out strength.

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