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Primus Cable - Power Outlets

Power Outlets

We provide a variety of power outlets and electrical boxes to hook up power to your home appliances. The power outlet is the basic transfer point for AC current to transfer from power lines to devices in a building. We have an assortment of power outlets from basic power outlets to electrical boxes with media plates for televisions. All of our power outlets and electrical boxes are designed to meet industry standards for safety and reliability.

Our Recessed Low Voltage Cable Plate provides easy and discreet access to power for home theater components. With this power outlet, you can install low voltage cables behind a flat panel television or stereo component, having a power outlet flush to the wall surface. This low voltage power outlet can be installed upright or upside down to suit your purposes.

Another option for a large home theater installation is the TV Bridge ™ Kit for Flat Screen TVs. This includes two recessed electrical boxes for low voltage connections. This unit provides a clean, tidy appearance, as all wires remain hidden inside the wall, and plugs remain inside electrical box. This electrical box kit is UL listed, and the trim plate is paintable. The unit is convenient and easy to install.

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