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Patch Panels

Patch Panels are a lucrative investment when establishing a high-performance and long-lasting network. Through facilitating along with organizing your networking cables, Patch Panels ease cable management and preserve the overall efficiency as well as productivity of your application. We are glad to offer a number of Patch Panels that are as diversified as your network. From horizontal to vertical, standard to compact or high-density, shielded to unshielded, find the exact type of Patch Panel that you need to better your network.

Explore Our Selection of Network Patch Panels:

  • Blank Keystone Patch Panels offer a myriad of opportunity, heightening the capabilities of your network through a versatile structure. Create a custom point of connection and expand your network through incorporating a variety of category cable and even fiber and/or coaxial cable. In essence, our line of Blank Keystone Patch Panels allows for furthering your network capacity.
  • CAT5E Patch Panels are specialized for your CAT5E network, coming loaded with keystone jacks already implanted within the panel. Whether your network requires 6 ports or 96 ports, we have an array of options to suffice your specifications and offer an abiding solution.
  • CAT6 Patch Panels provide an essential means of establishing a sound CAT6 network through sustaining multiple connections within a single structure. These panels come in shielded and unshielded variations, ranging in size from a half rack shelf unit (half-U) to four rack shelf units (4U). With our range of options, there is no need to compromise on the stipulations of your network.
  • CAT6A Patch Panels allow your 10G network to prosper; with shielded structures to protect from electromagnetic interference (EMI), these Patch Panels are proven to be both cost-effective and efficient ways of maximizing network potential. As technology progress, know that your CAT6A system will remain sound for the years and years to come.

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