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RCA Audio / Video Cable

RCA Audio Cable

RCA audio cables are popular for connecting game consoles and DVD players to televisions to provide sound. RCA component cables only transmit video signals, so when those are used, RCA audio cables are used for the sound signals. We also provide composite cables and RCA splitters for a wide range of A/V solutions.

The RCA Audio Cable, M/M 2 x Audio is a high quality RCA audio cable composed of oxygen free copper. It is made using only silver solder to maximize signal quality. Dissimilar metals used in solder can cause interference issues. This 75 ohm RCA audio cable is available in lengths ranging from 3 feet to up to 100 feet to suit the nature of the application.

We also offer RCA Composite Cable, M/M 3 x Audio/Video Gold Plated to provide all the necessary analog connections for both video and audio in a single cable. It is made up of high quality shielded 75 ohm wire to minimize noise and video distortion. Gold plated contacts on this composite cable ensure durable, corrosion free connections. Our composite cables are available in lengths ranging from 3 feet to up to 100 feet.

We also have Satellite Coax Splitters for sharing a single cable television or satellite signal across several televisions. Our coax splitters come in 2, 3, 4, and 8 way versions to share a TV signal across up to eight televisions. They have a frequency range between 5-2,500MHz. and are designed to split SWM satellite signals.

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