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CAT6 Modular Plugs

We supply RJ45 Modular Plug Connectors as well as Jacks to accommodate, that will reduce the distance between conductor and contacts for optimum signal strength. The Shielded RJ45 Connector for CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7 Cable includes inserts, which are part of the design. Slim strain relief prevents cable damage from pulling, and the wire alignment insert provides exceptional assembly. This 8 pin, 8 conductor RJ45 Modular Plug fits CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7 Ethernet cable with both solid and stranded conductors; the 50 micron gold plating over the RJ45 pins helps improve signal conductivity. Ultimately, this shielded RJ45 modular plug saves time and money through maximizing efficiency.

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