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Schedule 40 Conduit Fittings & Connectors

We offer schedule 40 adapters for the joining of sections of schedule 40 PVC pipe to a junction box. Schedule 40 PVC is used not only in irrigation and chemical processing systems, but also frequently used as electrical conduit. If offers the ideal combination of strength, durability, and affordability for your network.

The Schedule 40 Female Adapter, Sch 40, Grey is used to transition from a threaded application to a slip PVC fitting. This schedule 40 adapter is used to attach electrical conduit to junction boxes and enclosures. We supply schedule 40 adapters in diameters ranging from ½” to 6.” They are packaged in quantities ranging from 8 pieces to up to 150 pieces.

We also offer the Schedule 40 Male Terminal Adapter, Sch 40, Grey. These range in diameter from ½” to 6” as well. It allows the transition from a threaded application to a slip fitting. These schedule 40 adapters come in package quantities ranging from 8 pieces to up to 200 pieces. 

Come prepared for your electrical conduit installation with PVC Low VOC medium glue for electrical conduit like the PVC Low VOC Medium Cement. This PVC glue adheres to higher standards for low emissions from materials. PVC glue designated as low VOC releases lower amounts of volatile organic compounds into the air. Low VOC PVC cement is required in certain states while yielding the same high performance standards.

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