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Cable Pulling Tape

Cable Pulling Tape for Cable Measurement and Installation

Cable pulling tape is a tool commonly used by network installers to route wiring through walls and electrical conduit. We offer pull tape which incorporates both cable pulling and measuring features into one product. Pull tape eliminates the additional labor required to work with a string, rope, and winch line combination.

Our Pull Tape Woven Polyester, Price Per Foot - 1250, 1800, 2500 Pound Tensile Strength is a well-rounded cable pulling solution. This woven polyester pull tape features low stretch with high strength. The low coefficient of friction minimizes burn through of duct. A special silicone lubricant reduces the risk of burn through in both PVC and HDPE ducts.

This pull tape can be easily blown through conduits or ducts. The high tensile rating removes extra labor of managing a string, rope, and winch line, this one pull tape does it all.

We also provide flat steel fish tape manufactured by Greenlee like the Fish Tape, Flat-Steel, 1/8"x240'. This flat steel fish tape has advanced ergonomic functionality and improved ruggedness for tough job site conditions. The rugged case design and comfort grip of this fish tape increases productivity with reduced fatigue and longer tool life. It has superior rapid tape payout and rewind for efficient usability and a low profile tip for easy fishing through all kinds of conduit.

Another cable pulling solution we provide is Cable Pulling Rope for wire and cable installation. Utilizing wire pulling tools not only protects the wire from abrasion damage, it protects the installing technician as well.

Coming prepared with cable pulling tools to your install project will not only save you much frustration, but also save you time and money. We carry everything you need to get the job done right the first time, every time.

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