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Cable Tools

Cable Tools

Cable Tools, Wire Tools: Networking Tools and Accessories

It is amazing what tools can do. When it comes to any project, using the correct cable tools will save you time and money. Having the proper tools puts you ahead of the game and ensures that the job gets done right every time. Check out our 'tools' section! You’ll find all the right cable and networking tools needed for any project and much more.

We offer a full line of cable tools from cable testers, hand tools, fusion splicers, tool kits, and more. Any installer who has experienced subpar tools, knows that there’s simply no substitute for high quality tools. We sell a variety of punch down cable tools to speed up terminating keystone jacks and patch panels. When working with RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45 plugs, installation/termination can be done much more efficiently with the help of our crimp tools

The ability to effectively strip cable is another essential task for installers. We’ve got a wide variety of cable strippers and cutters . We also carry complete network and cable tool kits which contain a mixture of hand tools and testers required for specific projects. In addition, our cable caddies  will enable you to reel and re-spool cable.

After you’ve run the lines, terminated each wire, and crimped the connections, the next step would be to test all your connections. We carry LAN cable testers, specifically designed to test these connections. Getting a cable tester tool makes testing electrical and data connections much easier. Cable testers will save you time finding network problems. 

Please check out our line of cable tools. We pride ourselves on our cable tool quality. With our selection of tools, you’ll get the job done quickly, easily and, most importantly, correctly.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email us.