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Open Frame & Wall Rack Systems

Looking for an American Made Open Frame & Wall Rack?

The open frame rack system is an extremely versatile networking option for both large organizations and residential users. Since the open frame rack is not enclosed, it allows unrestricted airflow for networking components housed within. This adds both longevity to servers and provides easy access to cabling for future maintenance.

We have a selection of open frame racks that are American made including two posts and four post-double-sided racks, swing-out open frame wall mounts, V-line wall mounts, and V-rack wall mounts, just to name a few.

A popular open frame rack we offer is the 24U Open-Frame Swing-Out Wall Mount Rack. This cost-effective networking option is ideal when floor space is at a premium. It houses routers, patch panels, and switches, with an easy swing-out mounting rail to provide access. Network technicians can easily access network devices in this open frame rack without interrupting server equipment.

Another vertical wall mount rack we provide, is the 2U V-Rack Wall Mount Vertical Network Bracket. This wall mount rack allows for a variety of mounting options. It mounts either horizontally or vertically on a wall or under a desk to save space. Mount two 2U V-racks to form a four-point mounting solution. This wall mount unit comes in 3U and 4U versions as well.

We offer complete networking options for your open frame rack. Our 48 Port High-Density Blank Patch Panel allows you to combine Ethernet, fiber optic, and telco cabling solutions into one central location. The ports are pre-numbered, with spaces for labeling inputs. This 48 port patch panel is made of 16 gauge steel for long lasting durability.

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