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Lacing Bars and Ducts

Rack Cable Management

Cable management solutions help you keep your network organized, which also makes your installation safer. We provide industrial quality cable management solutions including: D-rings, vertical cable management solutions, cable ducts, supports, and Velcro loops. These tools keep your network from becoming a fire hazard, maintains organization, all while being aesthetically pleasing.

Our cable management solutions provide support for the cables by securing them, and keeping them off the ground. This prevents unnecessary stress from being placed on the cables, which make them last longer. The 5 Ring, 2U Cable Manager is an excellent, inexpensive cable management solution. It is ideal for 48 port patch panels for horizontal cable management. It fits standard 19” server racks, cabinets, and enclosures.

For vertical cable management solutions, we also carry the Double Sided Aluminum Vertical Cable Manager. Measuring 84” x 12.75” x 6”, this vertical cable management system features swing gates one foot apart for clear visibility, while maintaining bend radii. Cable managers mount to the sides or between two post racks, promoting a structured cable organization system. Cable jackets are also protected by molded plastic edges along the aluminum frame of the vertical cable management system.

We are an end to end cable networking equipment provider, don’t forget about our wide array of Cat6 Ethernet Cable . While most Cat6 cable only reaches speeds up to 250MHz, our state of the art Cat6 Ethernet cable is tested up to 600MHz. Our Cat6 Ethernet cable also adheres to the highest standards recognized by the industry, and is either UL listed or ETL verified. We carry Cat6 cable for outdoor, indoor, direct burial, aerial, shielded, and unshielded applications.

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