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Basic LAN Testers

LAN Testers for Basic Diagnostics

This section includes basic LAN testers for network technicians and installers. If you need a LAN tester to troubleshoot network configurations and only require the basic diagnostic features of a LAN cable tester, we have just the solution.

The Network Cable LAN Tester - RoHS Compliant is ideal for testing a full range of Ethernet cable including CAT5/5E/6/7 with RJ45 connectors. It has an easy to use pin out indicator and identifies miswire. It is just the choice for the budget minded installer.

Another option we offer for basic LAN testers is the Network Cable LAN Tester, LANtest Kit - RoHS Compliant. This LAN tester has both wire mapping and cable testing functions. It is ideal for working with both Ethernet RJ45 connections and BNC coax cable connections.

For a LAN tester with more comprehensive cable testing features, we also have the NETfinder Pro - With 18 Remotes. The tone generator has a cable organizer function and also includes 18 remotes. The advanced circuit design surpasses the original NETfinder model. This LAN tester combines an Ethernet cable tester with a low emission frequency tone generator. With this handy unit, cable tracing and testing is now a one step process.

We are more than just a networking cable provider. We offer end to end solutions for the cable technician and installer. If you need to make repairs after diagnosing a network, we have just the Crimping Tools to get the job done right, and quickly. We have crimping tools for a wide variety of applications including: RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, BNC, RCA, F connectors, and fiber optic connectors. Our experienced technicians are eager to assist you with any questions you may have.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email us.