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Coax Crimp Tools

Coax Crimping Tools for F/BNC/RCA Connectors

Having the right coax crimping tool for the job can boost efficiency, saving time and money on the job site. Our coax crimp tools are manufactured of solid, quality materials for a long useful life. We have tools that are adjustable to handle different coax connector types without the hassle.

The F/BNC/RCA Connector Coax Compression Tool is a versatile coax crimp tool for working with all the popular types of connectors. It is adjustable to work with all types of compression connectors. It is made of rugged machined steel with comfortable rubber grip handles. It is commonly used by CCTV and CATV installers utilizing RG59 and RG6 cable.

Another popular coax crimp tool is the Ratchet Coax Crimping Tool, RG59/6, BNC Connectors. With its fully ratcheted style, this coax crimping tool is designed for superior closing force. There is no break over hand force, making the last click easily achievable. The head is angled to lessen the need to bend the wrist. Dies can be changed quickly and easily.

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