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Primus Cable - Solar Panels & Accessories

Solar Panels & Accessories

A solar panel, or photovoltaic panel converts sun energy into electrical current utilizing the photovoltaic effect. By installing solar panels, you can harness the power of the sun, and generate free energy. We are your one stop source for electronics equipment, including solar panels, solar charge controllers, and accessories.

Solar panels absorb sunlight, and the solar charge controller regulates the charging of a battery with the accumulated solar energy. Our Heavy Duty Solar Panel consists of solar photovoltaic cells sealed in an extruded anodized aluminum frame with a high transparency, low iron tempered glass cover. The solar cells in this solar panel are laminated with Tedlar Polyester Tedlar (TPT) coating, and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) for high reliability. This solar panel generates up to 30 Watts of power.

When installing solar panels, you’ll require a Solar Charge Controller to regulate power distribution. This PoE (power over Ethernet) solar charge controller backs up your solar panels when there isn’t enough sunlight. It provides 100% uptime, mitigating concern of lack of sunshine due to adverse weather conditions. The solar charge controller also manages power and the charging of batteries for your solar panels.

For a complete solar power solution, our Solar Power Kit, 12 VDC, 30 Watts saves you significant, long term energy costs. Power your CCTV surveillance system with this kit including a 30 Watt solar panel, 12 Volt solar charge controller, and two 12 Volt, 9 Amp lead acid batteries. The solar panel measures 21” x 20” x 1.5”, and can generate up to 180 Watts/hr with just 6 hours of sunshine.

Whatever the requirements of your solar power or electronics networking project, We have the solution for you. We are an end-to-end networking products provider, and our team of professionals are standing by to answer any questions.

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