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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Uniview Tec Features and Benefits

4K video outputs

Your customers ask for ultra-high resolution and we offer it in all of our NVR’s with outputs up to 4K resolution. This provides the best video image for your customers viewing.

Uniview’s Dual Monitor Feature

Uniview offers Dual Monitor connections in each of its NVR’s for the 16+ channel versions. These are independent monitors and can be used to do preview, playback or programming independently.

Uniview Long Range PoE

With our Long Range PoE connections you can place cameras up to 850 feet away from the NVR using Uniview Cameras and our NVR. 850 feet for fixed lens cameras and 600 feet for motorized lens cameras.

Uniview’s PnP Scan and Play Feature

Networking was never easier, simply plug the NVR into an internet connection, download the phone app and scan the QR-code. There is a connection code also available for use with our software and Star4Live viewing services allowing networking to be easy and simple.

Uniview’s License Free analytics

Uniview’s NVR’s offer you license free analytics in every NVR. These include: Cross Line Detection, Intrusion Detection, Scene Change Detection, Tampering Detection, Defocus Detection, Abnormal audio detection, People Counting, Face Detection.

ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment)

Uniview offers the opportunity to allow the system to automatically restore video that was recoded on an SD card in the camera and place it back into the NVR as if it was never missing if the network connection to the camera ever goes down.

Uniview Ultra H265 Bandwidth Capability

With Uniview Ultra H265 you can reduce bandwidth by up to 95% allowing you to connect to cameras using less network bandwidth while maintaining the images high quality performance.

Uniview Ultra H265 Recording Capability

With Uniview Ultra H265 storage saves on recording space where you can reduce the storage space necessary by up to 75% vs H264 recording systems.

Corridor Mode Viewing

Rather than having to use multiple cameras to see down a long hallway we provide you with the option of using a corridor mode in many of our cameras. Additionally, when you view live or playback the video on your connected monitor, you can program the monitor to see 3 or 4 camera views side by side, top to bottom using corridor views.

Smart IR’s

With the Uniview Tec “Smart IR Feature” the camera can automatically adjust the IR LED illuminate power to avoid over exposure of items coming toward the camera. Letting you see what/who it is clearly.

Uniview’s Click and Copy Feature

Uniview offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily copy settings from one camera to another or to the entire NVR with a single click, helping to reduce the time it takes to setup and program all the cameras on the NVR.

Optical Defog

Uniview’s special technology allows you to capture clear details during heavily foggy days outdoors. With Uniview’s “Smart Search” feature you can specify an area of interest and do a smart search on your video helping you quickly find what you want to view.

Data Security

Uniview Keeps your data secure using the latest technology including; Linus embedded operating system, authentication via 802.1x, HTTPS, RTSP authentication, ONVIF authentication. Telnet port is disabled to avoid attacks by hackers. Black and White Lists for IP Address determine who cannot/can access the NVR. Multiple levels of Password requirements (normal vs strong passwords) based on access locally or remotely are required to keep the unit secure.

Detailed Operation Logs

Uniview provides an in-depth operations log where we go beyond normal operational listings to also include all the illegal operations into the system to track and trace the violators.

Hard Disk Protection

Uniview offers full HDD protection methods to avoid any video recording loss, including Hard Disk Roaming, Hard Disk Health Status Monitoring and NAS Back-up capabilities.

Extreme Environmental Operations are Capable with Uniview

Uniview offers the widest temperature ranges for camera operation from -40 to 158 F degrees. Uniview offers the strongest IP 67 68 ratings for waterproofness of the cameras in extreme conditions. Uniview offers the largest voltage tolerance (+/- 25%) to keep your system and lessen power stability concerns. Uniview cameras are rated vandal proof using the recognized 1K10 rating system.

Uniview offers a visible PoE status for in unit PoE ports.

This provides the opportunity to easily know if the PoE connection is OK or not, and it can be viewed remotely.

Uniview offers a Network Toolkit in the NVR

Allowing you to know the network status at the NVR’s location and be able to test it.

S.M.A.R.T testing of the Hard Drives

Provided by Uniview NVR’s to detect bad sectors and provide failure alarms. Our testing helps you to reduce the likelihood of having missing video when your client needs it.

Cloud Firmware Upgrades

Uniview’s technology allows you to have the NVR download and upgrade to the latest firmware versions for both the NVR and Cameras thru our cloud upgrade feature. This can be performed locally or remotely.

Uniview Maintenance Log Export

Maintenance Logs can easily be exported from an installed system allowing you to collect with just one click the information that can solve up to 90% of the problems within an NVR. This can be done locally or remotely.

Uniview Star4Live connectivity

Uniview’s Star4Live Connectivity allows you to remotely access any function in the NVR without having to physically be at the unit. Additionally you can “grant access” to other individuals where they can be granted access on a controlled and timed basis.

Uniview’s Remote Password Retrieval

Uniview can give you the opportunity to remotely retrieve a client’s password without being physically onsite with the client, saving you time and money all while providing the best support possible to your clients.

Uniview’s Quiet Intelligent Fans

Uniview NVR’s contain Quiet intelligent fans that automatically start up and shut down, according to the temperature in the unit. This fantastic feature conserves energy, reduces noise, and helps prolong the fans life in the unit.

Uniview’s Illegal Access Protection

Uniview NVR’s software contain our exclusive Illegal Access Protection where if someone attempts to log 5 time with the wrong password the NVR is automatically locked for 10 minutes to keep the device and its data secure. The Illegal access is then automatically noted in the log for user reference.

Uniview’s Customizable Watermark Feature

Our Customizable Watermark feature allows you to place a unique personalized watermark into the exported video to verify authenticity of the video or to show the identity of its owners.

Uniview’s exclusive “Click and Done” Fisheye De-warp features.

Uniview provides you with the ability to easily program its fisheye cameras thru the NVR. There is no need to use a computer to access and program the camera. Simply click on the Fish icon, click on the mount option to show how the camera is mounted, and then click on the display mode you wish shown in the NVR. With "Click and Done", fisheye camera programming was never easier.

Uniview’s “Computer Free Camera Programming” feature

With Uniview’s computer free camera programming feature you can perform all camera discovery, setting maintenance and firmware updating thru the NVR without the need for a computer to connect directly to the camera. This also includes programming features for motion, analytics, resolution, fps, quality, image controls and event/alarm controls.

Uniview’s Superior Power Project NVR with Redundancy

Uniview’s Project NVR can have the redundancy you need to satisfy the most demanding customer including features like; Redundant Power Supply, Redundant BIOS, Redundant Network Interface, and Redundant Fan. All these features provide your clients with a reliable and secure Uniview powerhouse for their NVR solution.

Uniview’s N+1 Hot Spare Solution;

In our larger units Uniview allows you to have one additional Uniview NVR set as a hot backup NVR for up to 256 Uniview NVR’s using our unique protocols. Backup protection was never easier.

If you have further questions about any Uniview Product or to order please leave us a message using the form below. Someone from our team will respond to your message as soon as possible. We look forward to fulfilling your requests.