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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Cellular Distribution System, 3G

by OCC
SKU: CDS3G-50-4D
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3G Cellular Distribution System, 7U Rack-mount

OCC's patented Cellular Distribution System (CDS) is a wireless enhancement product designed to resolve low cellular signal strength issues for in-building applications. Designed as a complete kit, the CDS system provides everything you need to mitigate your 3G communications dead zones. The system is based on a donor antenna architecture, whereby an antenna is placed at an external location to capture the available signal from the provider's tower, deliver it to a rack-mounted system below which boosts the signal strength and then rebroadcasts it throughout the building where internal antennas are placed.

The CDS system offers several distinct advantages:

  • The CDS system is a simple, cost-effective solution compared to high-end DAS systems for area specific coverage enhancement, requiring no software configuration and minimal adjustment at installation.
  • The low-power 3W unit does not require carrier approval and supports all providers with good signal strength available where the donor antenna is placed.
  • A dedicated OCC technical support team available to assist in designing and planning your in-building enhancement system.
  • A complete solution, with all hardware including head end, antennas, protection and cable assemblies designed to work optimally together.

In order to simplify the installation, pre-terminated and tested cable plenum and riser assemblies can be ordered to length or low-loss bulk cable and connectors are available.


  • Improves cell service in buildings where service is poor and nonexistent but is good at a nearby outside location
  • Simultaneously supports provider bands at 1840-1990 MHz, and d824-896 MHz
  • Easy to install - no software configuration
  • One external low-profile dual-band omnidirectional 3dBi gain antenna, four (4) internal omnidirectional broadband ceiling-mount dome antennas
  • Utilizes low-loss coaxial cable to distribute cellular provider signals throughout a building.
  • Requires minimum -70 dBm cellular service provider signal at the external antenna location.
  • 7 RU form factor


  • Coverage for up to 80,000 square feet, open space; 40,000 square feet walled space (Dependent on outdoor signal strength of donor antenna location, cable lengths and building materials)
  • Standards supported: CDMA / WCDMA, GSM, EDGE, TDMA, AMP, etc.
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Offic facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Metal building structures
  • Campus dorms
  • Building basements and below surface structures
  • Hospital departments
  • Parking structures


  • 80 dB gain for all supported provider bands
  • Utilizes standard 50 Ohm N female connectors for all connectivity
  • Maximum 3W power output
  • 5 dB noise figure
  • FCC part 22 compliant as a low-power cellular accessory
  • < 40W power consumption
  • Utilizes in-line coaxial lightning surge suppression
  • 120 VAC power supply input

Operating Bands

824 - 829
869 - 894
1850 - 1910
1930 - 1990

Additional Information

Warranty Information

Each CDS kit is backed by a one-year product warranty from OCC. The products must receive normal and proper use and due care in handling. Normal wear and tear; deterioration due to aging, or damage caused by environmental conditions, electromagnetic interference ("EMI") or radio frequency interference ("RFI") shall not constitute a defect or failure under this warranty. These warranties do not cover defects resulting from accidents, alterations, unauthorized repair, misuse, fire, flood, lightning strike damage, acts of God, or any diverse changes in temperature and climate not considered normal for an interior building infrastructure. All installation records must be updated to reflect any maintenance, movements, additions, or changes, and such records shall be made available to OCC upon request.