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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Emergency Alarm - Panic Switch

by GRI
SKU: GR3045
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Panic Switch

This Panic Switch can mount underneath or on the side of a desk or counter, and is designed with screw terminals for easy installation. This switch has an actuating lever for a finger tip for easy use. 



Installation Instructions

Mounting Instructions

1. Determine a mounting position so that the panic switch can be easily reached in an emergency, but will not attract attention when activated by user. Typical locations are on the underside of a counter top, on the side of a knee hole of a desk, in a hallway or bedroom, or near an entryway. The unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically and should be mounted low enough so that a person could reach it from the floor. Three inches of clearance above the mounting surface is required so that the lever can be fully opened.

2. Temporarily place the switch were it will be mounted and mark screw locations.

3. Drill pilot holes or start the screws to make installing screws easier.

4. GR3045: Connect the wires to the terminals per the wiring instructions before mounting switch.

5. After wiring is complete, install screws through the switch housing and firmly secure in place.

6. GR3045CT: After securing switch in place, run wire cable as needed and connect wires per the wiring instructions.

7. Test unit by pulling the lever and then closing it again.

What’s In The Box

What’s In The Box


  • 1 x Panic Switch


  • 1 x Panic Switch with Cable Leads